More scenes and ideas

I am sketching almost everyday, If I don’t do it daily and compensate by doing more when I am inspired. My eyes get tired easily these days and I need a break one day or another even if I don’t feel like it. Ideas pops out in my head and I try to keep it there until I can sketch them. Sometimes I just take quick notes of what I am thinking.

I am trying to reach images that I am happy with. I like colours, bright and exaggerated but sometimes I like it simple and plain in a limited pallete. I like doing neat work, meticulous but at times I just enjoy when my mark making can be seeing all over the paper. I haven’t decided yet how to present this project and I will discuss with my tutor in the next video session.

These images are from my Parallel project sketch book, includying the cover I am working on. I think the chaotic scenes in a everyday domestic life is becoming more attractive to me. I like my home spotless, neat and clean but in order to reach that, I need mess and chaos to see the difference between them. I think that is where is satisfaction comes from. When the work is done…. then the kids arrive home, and everything will be back to step 1again : mess and chaos!!!! That is my domestic life and although it is exhausting, it is also beautiful. It shows there is life in my home.


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