Project 3 – Narrative

Method: Think of a person for whom you have strong feelings or hold a strong opinion. Find an object or item of clothing that reminds you of that person. Make a piece of artwork that uses the object to provide the imagery but uses the materials to give the viewer a sense of the person. In effect, you’re making a portrait of a person as an item of clothing. You could use your daughter’s first shoes, your mother’s hat. Thinking more widely, you could use a blue tooth device and tie to make a piece of work about bankers or an old school tie wrapped around a silver spoon for our poticial class. Experiment widely and produce as many pices as you need to until you arrive at something which you think fits.

Sketch book ideas: 

I sketched a few ideas and made an percussion instrument out of cardboard and brown paper. All the paper ( music notes, poetry and poems I aged by dyeing with tea. )

Final piece: 


I had many ideas, it would take a lot more planning, time and material to execute it. I wanted to fill up a book with words, poems, poetry, song lyrics, photos…I am pleased with the result, specially because I have managed to dowload the video on youtube for the first time and it gives a bit more of insight to the work. I am looking forward to my hang out video session with my tutor  to hear the comments and what she will say about this project. I also sent the video to the person I made this artwork based on , I hope to have a good feedback as well. It was a very engaging type of work. I think material tells a lot about the subject portrayed. I am enjoying Part 2 mostly for the experience of trying material connect to the subjects itself. It is also my first experience working with 3D art and doing a piece using the subject materials.