Assignment one

Sketch book samples :

First Attempt:


Japanese composition – acrylic on A3 paper

Final work for Assignment one:  ‘A series of compositions in different backgrounds ‘

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Assignment one – Reflection 

For this assignment I was inspired by the work of Elizabeth Blackadder. My affinity with some of her work comes from my interest in Japanese objects. I am not a collector of objects because I am trying to adopt a minimalistic life style, but I have a few very special Japanese objects that holds emotional meaning to me. I initially had in mind cropping an image, but in the end I also liked some of the compositions from my sketch book. Through this assignment I tried to use bright colours in similar ways that Blackadder and Matisse do. I wanted to make an interesting use of space and composition with the objects, create a balance between the background and objects . I also wanted to keep it simple and chose just some objects rather than too many as in some of Blackadder work pieces. Cropping and start drawing from outside to inside the paper were some the new and interesting experiments I had in Part 1. My first attempt was… ok, just ok. I like the brightness of acrylic paint but I found difficult to work in the details.The result of this piece is a bit stiff, methodically done kind of work, and this is not how I wish my art to be. I like the colours, how I cropped the image and the use of space, but I wanted to have more fun, I needed to think of other ways I could work based on my initial ideas and sketches.  Since this module is about ‘investigating drawing’ ,I want to try new possibilities, new ways of working with composition, colours, space and background. My second attempt was using watercolours which I am very confident with. The objects I chose feels good in watercolour for its softness and delicate notes. On the other hand, if I just had finished a composition in watercolour, that would be it. A drawing in watercolour. I wanted more, I didn’t know what yet. I liked a few ways of working with compositions, I couldn’t chose only one of my sketches. I also didn’t want to have many pieces for this first assignment. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to achieve and I know there is that moment when I look at a piece I have been working on and I can say : that is it, I have finished it, and I wasn’t there yet. My main concern was the background. I was looking for it in Japanese motifs….I tried in acrylics, collage, photos… and then I had an experiment. I cut the objects out, I tried one composition on a piece of Japanese fabric (the one I use for reference in my sketches). I took many pictures changing the position of the objects around. I tried a different fabric. I tried other surfaces around the house, different textures and colours. It became a series of compositions in different backgrounds! Looking through the photos I came to that point. I could say: ‘That is it’, my assignment one is a series of compositions in various background. It was an experiment and investigation and I learned to go beyond what I am still doing at times: try to finish a piece in a certain, technique or method. I want to explore and experiment more and more from now on. 


Feedback on Assignment 1 report 

This report helped me to go back and revise some points for improvement. I entirely agree with the comment of my bottle in the assignment being ‘wonky’, I will definetely do a new drawing. It was very motivating to hear about my abstract kitchen utensils and althoug I like ‘abstraction’, I struggle to define things without many details. In Project 2 ‘Using space’ I tried something different, leaving a lot space on purpose, but apparently it didn’t work. I will revise Project 2 as well. Overall, this report helps to keep in mind points for improvement for next Assignment, gives me good feedback about where it is going well and where I could go further and improve. I am glad my sketch book is working well and I am very motivated in keep developing my parallel project on ‘domestic life’ as the subject for it.