Project 1 – Space,depth and volume

Method: Cover a whole sheet of paper with charcoal so that you have a blank black rectangle. Make a drawing form a subject of your choice by drawing into the charcoal using a rubber or selection of rubbers. When you’ve worked into the charcoal for a about an hour using just a rubber, go back to your charcoal and begin to redraw in darker tones using the side off the charcoal.



What was very interesting about this project was the fact that for the first time I was drawing in a way that I had to set up my eyes and brain in observing and giving shape and form to an image the other way round. By starting in a paper covered with charcoal, opening up areas with a rubber to depict what I was seeing gave me a completely different perspective to discover the subject. I am not sure if I gave it the sense of depth but I definitely experiment a new method of drawing that made me see the subject ,by having already a set up background. It is more difficult to work from light to leave shades rather than draw something and observe the shades afterwards.