Project 1-Observational drawing

Method: Find an inconspicuous are of a room or small area outdoors where several elements are juxtaposed. Take photos and make sketches of cropped details. Make several drawings, playing with the composition of the elements. Allow interesting features to develop; extend lines, repeat motifs, allow forms to come together in unusal ways. Be as playful as possible with pattern, texture, form, etc. Whilst still being sensitive to what you are looking at. As you progress you may find that parts of the subject which feature large in reality disappear completely in your drawing. while incidental patterns of shapes develop their own status.

Sketch book samples: 

Final work for Project 1 : 

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Project 1 :  Reflection  on  Observational drawing 

When it comes to observational drawing, I tend to pay attention in details, and I either have very energetic drawings or methodic ones where I worry about describing small details in realistic ways. It exhausting at times and the drawings seems a bit static and lifeless. I am tried to capture the overall feeling in this project. I started with very careful, studying the subject shapes and details but I think my last two drawings were what I wanted to achieve: simple, creative and more expressive. These two drawing are of my well everyday used ‘wok’ and a frying pan. I wanted to find out a way to describe the spiral texture at the Botton of each item. I chose Chinese ink and printed the texture on the paper. The cups and bowl I use baking paper ( I wanted to work with things I use in my kitchen daily). The second drawing for instance, I use some aluminium foil to describe the Botton of the wok. From the first couple drawing of the dish rack and my cropped drawing of my chopping board and trays, the last two ones became more abstract and expressive. I try to make a good use of space, leaving areas undone and no background . Before deciding for these items, I sketched areas in my home such a shelf with couple pairs of shoes, my couch, a chair, a counter corner in my bedroom but the kitchen is my favourite space. My relationship with my kitchen utensils, food and environment is more than what I have with people these days. I am jobless and I enjoy the intimacy of my home. I like to cook, I like to watch food when I am stirring , boiling, frying or steaming… I like the satisfaction of seeing my dish rack full of clean dishes rather than the sink full of dirty ones. I like the shape of pots, mugs, bowls and some other utensils. Home is the most known subject I know. I enjoyed this project and it has brought me some inspiration to decide what I will be doing for my ‘ Parallel project’ after discussing with my tutor.