Assignment three

Relaxing Classical Cello music solo soothing, instrumental background  [user generated content online] creat. Frank Graffney on 7 june 2017 ( Accessed on 6 Jan 2020) at:

Select a piece of music and allow your movements to be affected or generated by it whilst producing a drawing. To begin with produce lines and marks solely in response to the music. After, develop this further. For example, you could introduce an observational element such as a self-portraiture and begin to explore the interplay between gesture and representation.

Preparatory work piece and final piece :



Reflection: Assignment three

 I have tried a few times to get inspired by listening to music. I usually like to make unconscious drawing listening to instrumental music, and the result has been always very dramatic and emotional. When I work this way I even try to close my eyes times to times, to just have my hands moving according to the rhythm. Through Part Three I had explored and experienced new ways to approach drawing. In Drawing blind, I had a lot fluidity and spontaneity, probably because with my eyes closed I can’t control how the marks will affect the final drawing. Experimenting with mark-making is something I always wanted to explore as I am very keen on big scale pieces. I also enjoy losing control when the scale is large and I just have to let the media finish the job itself without worrying with small details.  Drawing machines was my least favorite but taught me again to experiment something out of my control and made me think of drawing in a very unsual wasy.  An emotional response was difficult for me to let flow . Reading the sentences and knowing the intention of the outcome for the exercise, blocked my fluidity and spontaineity. I think Assignment three was just another step to investigate how my drawings changes according to the approach, methods, techniques and materials I use. My self-portraiture for this assignment is far from being accurate. It is a bit out of proportion and maybe a bit stiff, but my mark making, can tell there was a  fair amount of movements when it was done. I think the fact that I chose to introduce the observational element and at the same time kept my natural flow, influenced in how I portrayed myself. The mark-making has flow and emotion but the image itself is static as I found it is hard to let it flow and observe at the same time. I think my preparatory exercise describes more the rhythm and movement .During the exercise I focused on the music and drawing was a secondary act. When I did the self portrait I was trying to concentrate in representing my own image without losing those movements, and that became a bit difficult and less unconscious. I would like to find out how to draw an abstract object, figure, observing but also letting the flow of mark making taking over. 

Overall, part three gave me the ability to extend the possibilities of drawing. In project one, ‘Drawing blind’ I could feel in a similar way that the artist William Anastasi act in his ‘Blind drawings’ the only difference is that he didn’t try to describe anything by touching. Project 2, ‘Mark-making gave me a slightest taste of what Rebecca Horn tried in Her work ‘Fingers’ 1974 when she drew with gloves attached to sticks to elongate her fingers. Project three, Drawing machine was also a trial on how she built and connect the act of drawing with machines. I think in the Assignment I had my perception of drawing changed and my senses were more stimulated and acted, consciously versus unconsciously in what I was doing, using my feelings influenced by what I was listening, the touch of the material I used switching between graffiti and charcoal, using more and less pressure depending on the areas of the drawing. I had to work hard on how to look at it and scale on a big size. I moved my whole body around the paper do add some details, shadows and sense of depth. I like the result and if I could change anything I would like to have a try in bigger scale, very large size piece to really dance around the paper, losing a bit more control and have a more abstract result. I am still struggiling between finding what kind of expression feel right when I am drawing and what I like to develop at the end of this module. 


Interesting to hear that my larger drawing and lose mark making gives more personality to my work. I enjoyed working in large scale, I think I would love to work in large scale more,  but at the moment, I lack space bigger pieces. The little I did for this project felt a bit intimidating and yet the sense of freedom was rewarding. I should have tried different mediums, I guess I stick with grafite, pencil and charcoal because they might be my comfort zone mediums. I will try to be more risk and experimental in the next coming parts/projects. I thought I needed to do a piece of work per project but again, the module does not stipulate numbers and I will try to do more work per project in the future.