Assignment two

Make a drawing of a subject of your choice using the subject itself or tools constructed from the subject, dipped in ink or paint.

Sketch book ideas: 


Final Pieces : 



sewing hand – sewed with felt and cotton



Sewing hand2- sewed with cotton and silk

Reflection on Assignment 2: 

The decision on this Assignment came very unexpected. Before I even start sketching, I have ideas, many of them. Sometimes, I go to bed thinking of all of them, sketching in my mind. Then I decide which ones I would like to test, how would it be possible and what I need for it. It has been a very long time, but I have always being fascinated by sewing. As a small child I use to watch my eldest sister knitting and doing crochet. She taught me a bit of crochet and I loved it .Looking at the basket full of soft and coloured threads were so beautiful to me. My mum had an old Singer sewing machine at home, it was very precious thing to her,  no one could touch it. She was very skilful using it and made us clothes and many amendments of things we didn’t like as it was. I have always enjoyed looking at the coloured thread bobbings ,pins, needles, different textiles and the noise a sewing machine makes .She used to always give me pieces of left over textiles and I made a few ‘clothes’ for my dolls. I liked the buttons and zippers and even followed her to what we call ‘armarinhos’ in Brazil, where you buy anything related to sewing. It is a childhood memory and I left it there. Back a few years ago I followed a friend to a textile shop, she was also  a very skilful person with sewing, and had starting with upholstery items for her new home. Again, everything in the shop fascinated me, specially the amount of different textiles. I wished I could sew things, choose textiles and material, use a sewing machine, but I didn’t know how, never gave it a try. I don’t want to make clothes or amendments and nor I wish to do upholstery items. I have NEVER consider doing art with textiles and sewing! At the moment I ask myself: Why not? Then I discovered the artist Grayson Perry in EDM module. He works with tapestry. His methods are very advanced but his art work pieces are big tapestry of colourful images with many messages and strong concepts . It is more  made out of embroidery and he has his ideas digitalised before execute each work. I also found about Njideka Crosby, a Nigerian-American artist who adds traditional Nigerian fabrics in her artwork among many other artist who uses textiles in various ways and styles. I decided I wanted to do a sewing piece of work by sewing it myself. I sketched a few drawings of what image I wanted to sew. I have only very basic skills in doing it but I rediscover a new passion to apply to my art: textiles. It feels so refreshing finding out ways beyond traditional art materials and tools, and is so engaging knowing that I can improve and  challenge myself with something new. Working with the material of the subject itself was very rewarding. I have had a very enhancing experience in this assignment. It is simple and very basic but I definitely will try more, learn more and I am seriously considering purchasing a sewing machine. It is satisfying figuring out that I do not need to be a clothes designer, amendments lady or upholstery expert to work with textiles. I can use textiles to draw!

Crosby, Nijideka – Wikipedia at:

Perry, Grayson – Wikipedia at:


Feedback on Assignment 2 report 

I have to say that I felt a bit disappointed with the comments on Assignment 2. Not because I do not agree with my tutor, I completely understand what she meant by it being ‘tamed’ in the sense of disciplined, restricted. I am trying to go out of my comfort zone, following her advice as in making mistakes. I try, but somehow I still worry about doing something completely wrong or  not matching the  sucess criteria requirements. I know it could have looked more interesting if I took more risks, making drawings over it, or using thread to draw instead of sewing. I took it too literally and it didn’t quite work well as an outcome. I still don’t have much discernment between what is expressive and spontaneous or what is a bit too messy and don’t work well visually. I only see what went well and what went wrong after I have a session with my tutor. Despite the  comments on Assignment 2, Diana Ali gave me many positive suggestions about what my strenghts are and how I could improve them.  I want to try to be more expressive with my work, I work well with charcoal and I might try another piece with it. I am sketching and thinking a lot about my PP and keeping it simple, be spontaneous, maybe use a bit of repetition which could really work in the project. I like bright flat colours and clear, simple images as much as I like busy scenes. Food for thought for now.