Expressive Abstract

I have started Part 3 while I am waiting to have a video session with my tutor. I really enjoyed Project 1 and after drawing an object by touching with my eyes closed, I decided to extend the experience by drawings some self portraits and my son’s portrait by observing the features for a few minutes, closing my eyes and trying on the paper. I tried with pencil and then graffiti. The result was very interesting, and since I am reading about De Kooning for Research point , I took these drawings further by giving some details to it ( with eyes open!) and add some colour, expressively and spontaneously.

I am considering trying this technique for my domestic life Parallel project just to see how it would work. I really feel in my element when I am very expressive and go with the flow without much planning.



I also drew a quick sketch of my son’s bedroom and something similar came out but I am planning to add collage with paper and textiles and see how it goes….


Oil crayon on paper, using scratching and scrapping techniques to achieve certain lines.


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