Project 3- Changing the scale

Aim: The focus of this project is to explode notions of scale and experiment with an extreme change of scale to achieve a powerful drawing which suggests monumental landscape or architecture.

Method: Find a handful of small objects, e.g pebbles, shells, buttons, toys. Cluster these objects together and focus in on a cropped area, experiment with using a frame for this. Make large drawing which gives the impression of a landscape view or architerctural detail. suing these objects as source material.

Sketch book samples:

Final work for Project 3 : 


Project 3 – Reflection on  Changing the scale 

I honestly struggled a bit with this project. I gathered the small objects I found but it was hard to put them together into a landscape. I was not sure if I had to represent the objects exactly as they are or just use them to create my own imaginary landscape. In the end, after having sketched the objects separately, I put together a landscape of a sort of museum or amusement complex. I used box, cotton buds, sewing thread bobbin, cotton balls, a small toy, other small objects found , some small boxes and a small toy. I didn’t feel a natural urge to work with the objects, I didn’t know what to do with them . I still enjoy developing composition but jumping from composition in Part 1, to work with space in Part 2, also working on my parallel project at the same time made me feel a bit lost and confused to get my mind around these small objects, draw in big scale and transform them into a landscape. It was visually and mentally very tiring. I did not enjoy this project and I think it shows in the result.