Project 1 – A changing scene

Aim: Drawing moving figures or a changing scene can be extremely challenging. A large part of that challenge, however, is your own conception of the purpose. By taking a step back from trying to pin the action down to a static conclusion, and instead making a drawing which is a record of the movement and action itself, we can begin to reflect on how to balance movement and form to create a dynamic image.

Method: Find a fairly busy scene, with plenty of movement. Sit somewhere comfortable and out of the way and start making a drawing. As someting catches you eye, capture it as best you can. Keep responding to movements as they happen so you build up a drawing full of dynamic energy. Depending on how fast you can capture form , you may be able to build up a convincing representation of the scene. Don’t lose focus, make each mark as accurately as you can.



Reflection:  I didn’t feel comfortable doing this project. I do not enjoy working outdoors, in busy places and it really hurt my eyes trying to draw things in movement. I tried to capture as best as I could as people passed by, their body overall shapes and movements. Most of the time I only managed half way through but after a while I became faster in just outline main features of each person that caught my eye. I like details and colours and it was very challenging just sketching quickly what I saw. Everything else in this project I worked by memory (that was the only part I enjoyed). I think pencil and graffiti were the best materials to execute this project. I used 2B and 4B pencils which gave me the flexibility in shades and quick darker and lighter lines to depict distance. I did many sketches of the people passing by, anywhere I could find space in my pages. Back home I figure I had enough to build up the whole scene by cutting and pasting people in the right sizes according to distance. I had to add some colours to give it a more energetic and happy energy to it. Since I do not enjoy working outdoors and I was not feeling very positive, I thought about making a few changes back in the comfort of my home, to present a colourful and nice work.