Project 1 -Drawing blind

Aim: This project should make you very aware of how your brain works when you’re drawing –  by changing the sense that you’re translating into physical movement from sight to touch. As you will see, translating the visual processing of three dimensions into a physical movement sesigned to leave a trace on two dimensions, which in turn may give the illusion the three dimensions, is a hightly sophisticated process.

Method: Choose a smallish object you know well, preferably sometihng with a fairly distinctive shape. Position it on a table with a sketchpad next to it. Put your pencil in the middle of your sketchpad then close your eyes. Reach out for your object an feel it; as you do this, make a record of what you feel on your sketchpad with your pencil. Feel free to take a peek and reposition your pencil at any time, but do so as little as possible. Make several studies until you feel that you’ve arrived at something interesting.


Reflection :  Drawing blind 

The touch in this project completely replaced the lack of sight. I constantly felt every line, texture, shape and curves of the object. I tried in different scales and first with pencil and after with graffiti which gave me even a better understanding as I was drawing while feeling the object. More I drew, more I could record some details and texture. I like the results of lines and I think considering my eyes closed, the final drawings were quite close to the real object. I first drew a shell and after a pencil sharpener. I took this exercise a bit further and tried some self-portraits which I first observed myself in a mirror for a few minutes, then I closed my eyes and drew without taking much the pencil off the paper. I find the result really interesting. It really intrigued me working mostly from memory with the self-portrait and by touching the object. I think it worked well, I would try with different and more intricate objects but I couldn’t find anything else at home. The shell worked quite well but the drawing from the pencil sharpener is more interesting.