Project 3 – Drawing machines

Aim: Push the concept of marks as a tracery of movement to its logical conclusion by making marks incidental to your own movement.

Method: Find something which moves and attach a drawing medium to it so that it creates a drawing by itself. You might use a remote control car, a clock face, a door which is opened regularly. Develop this automatic drawings using source from from your sketchbook or simply by responding to what you find as you experiment. Not carefully what happens when youshift the drawing from automatically produced marks to considered ones.



Reflection : Drawing machines

Rebecca Horn more than showing and constructing her drawing machines, she is also a performer and a video and installation artist. Her work explores and experiment with almost all senses using sounds, textures, vision and even smell. Works such as ‘Pencil mask’ in 1972 and ‘Fingers Extensions’ in 1974 explore mark marking with tools that extends from the body, where the human act has no much control of the outcome artwork. Through experimenting ways of drawing with a variety of materials and constructing machines to do so, her work includes the performance of drawing concepts. I think Rebecca Horn shows certainty in her ideas, she shows the possibilities that leads to different levels of drawings. Maybe her work with ‘drawing machines’ intended  to explore the human ability of losing control of something they had so much control constructing but when in action it acts itself , and the results are to be contemplated and to be accepted. Another reason could be the fact that due to the ilness in her young age, she was unable to leave the hospital bed and felt very lonely. Drawing machines came from many ideas she had while there, uncapable of express herself using her body freely.  It resulted in creating extensions of her body to reach out what she couldn’t at the time. A way of connecting through that extensions. Her work although using machines is very emotional.

Trying to construct my own drawing machine took imagination, planning, trial and finally action. The most focused part of it is investigating my idea, looking for tools to construct it, put all the tools into place, test and get ready to experiment. The outcome of it was simply watch it, being suprised by the result, accept the outcome without interfering with it. I think my experiment was very basic and simple. It gave me just a little bit of insight in what Rebecca Horn does. I enjoyed reading about her work and exploring her method in my own way. I still like the feeling of my hands and fingers on the paper/canvas when I draw. I am not a technical person, I am not interested and not skilful at all in inventing or constructing machines. My joy comes from the organic, the mess, the feeling drawing and painting gives me in a more unplanned and natural way.