Project 2: An artist’s book


Hans Peter Feldmann on guggenheim at:

Hans Peter Feldmann at Simon Lee gallery from 24 november 2016 to 24 January 2017 at:


Hans Peter Feldmann, is a conceptual artist born in 1941 in Dusselforf, Germany. He began his career in the early 1960’s making a series of picture books assembling small staple- bound artist’s books that each contained images of certain types such as soccer players, unmade beds, or women’s knees.He is a collector and appropriator of found images and everyday ordinary short term use  and popular images of objects. He represents and rework on the images bringing new contexts to them. Feldmann work has an aesthetic and conceptual simplicity. It is playful and executed in meticulous ways.  His art work in exhibition remains untitled as he disagree that art should be purchased or owned but to be purely for the viewers personal experience . I think the art of Feldmann shows the variety of material we can use in art. He develops new concepts and images by working in everyday visuals that are part of our lives. Feldmann art is diversified and yet he keeps the sense of simplicity and in our present times it brings awareness for recycling, reusing the unwanted or forgoten and  bring them back to viewers with a new meaning or just with a new light . Feldmann doesn’t draw or paint but the manipulation of his collectables has the same effect in transforming shapes, forms and colours communicating visually his thoughts and feelings about the subject.


Wolfgang Tillmans, the art and life of  by Emily Witt, The New Yorker on 10th Sep 2018 at:

Wolfgang Tillmanns is a German photographer born in 1968. He studied in Germany and London and was the first non-British person to be awarded the Turner Prize in 2000. Tillmans is known by his diversified body of work . His photos varies from still life, skies, astrophotography and political interests specially in homossexuality and gender identity. He produces images for installations from small to very large. In 1998 Tillmans thought the world have been over photographed and became interested in the chemical foundation of photographic material as well as its haptic spatial possibilities . This new interest gave origin to his abstract work. In my opinion Tillmans work explores the unusual perception of photography. He reinvent objects, given them new meaning or no meaning at all but a sense of deep aesthetic within the space. Tillmans work has many phases and subjects according to his view in the world and the environment he is in. His knowledge and interests goes beyond photography but in people’s emotions and behaviour. I  like the relationship he makes in some still life photos and its setting.It is not about the fruit place by the swimming pool but the colours contrast, space, details and energy in it.  The beggining of his career is definetely very political, approaching sex and gender identity. His abstracts are very investigative in material,image and effects. Wolfgang Tillmans work gives many possibilities for thinking, understanding, enjoy and question the world we live in .