Project 1 : Found images

Aim: The aim of this exercise is to open up your mind to new possibilites in terms of understanding what line can be. So often, nature does it better. This is your chance to go out and look at how drawings reflect life, and at life drawings in the observed world.

Method: Lool for natural processes that produce a drawing, for example the opening of the gilss of a mushroom to release its spores, the droppping of lily pollen, anumals scratching agains trees or fooprints in wed mud. Even the sillhouette of tree brnaches against the sky can be read as a drawing. Coolect photos and sketches of nature’s drawings. If you prefer, you can do the same thing for industrial or urban processes.

Sketches for project 1



Reflection: Found Images

I liked the the photos of the three branches intersections, the ropes and the shadows of lines. I find interesting when lines crosses and between curvy and straight ones. I sketched some found images, but the fine branches, thick and thin, curvy and crossing in many directions were the one that I wanted to took for further drawings. I also played with a bunch of stones near a water fountain in the restaurant a visited a couple weeks ago, I didn’t take any photos but the result are these drawing of stones and branches.


‘Stones’ on A5 manila coloured envelope



‘Branches’ a panel of four A5 coloured manila envelopes