Repetition for Parallel Project

At the moment I am working on Part 5, project 4 in a piece that is taking me a fair amount of time. I can’t explain yet why and how the idea came up but it is  entitled “a 100 cups of tea blends”. I am working on that everyday but for a break I keep going back to my PP and honing ideas and techniques I think would work well . Because of Project 4 on Part 5, I start to become very interested and fascinated with the idea of repetition. It is the first time I am doing a project in this method and it is giving me a feeling of  joy and satisfaction despite the fact that it takes a lot time and focus, and I have been working on that over a week now. The idea of repetition gives me that sense of continuity, routine, discipline and fluidity. I have been researching about artists who worked and work with repetition and Andy Warhol is the most popular in this method. I also like the work of Yayoi Kusama, Magritte, Allan McCollum and I have found new artists who have been for different reasons, interested in “repetition”. I think I would like to link my PP to Andy Warhol, but for now, I am just having a try of what is to work with multiple, identical but in a way, different images. I am torn between the work of Scott William and Andy Warhol now. They are very different and I will have to decide soon.

I know the work of Andy Warhol was executed in silkscreen prints, something almost impossible for me to achieve in my living space. The idea is being inspired in his repetition methods. I cut out a template of an outline of a kettle. At first I tried to print it, but the paint sticks and dry very quickly on the  stencil made of cardboard . The print becomes very irregular and fades away not achieving the result I wanted. I tried to paint over the lines printed but it also won’t give the printing repetition feel that I want. The identical and inadentical image repeated over and over again. IMG_0599

The acrylic paint almost gave the brightness in colour that I want but it is not what I had in mind yet. I would like to carve the outline of the kettle on a rubber plate, so I can print the image more clearly but I am on quarantine and all the shops are closed due to COVID-19. I am trying to explore what I can for now.

My next step was to use the stencil with two layear of papers underneath it. One for background and another for the kettle colour so I will repeat the same image over and over again without any touch ups by hand.

I like the result. My printer is not the best and I am photographing it with my phone but will discuss with my tutor Diana Ali , whatelse I can do to improve this project if I decide on linking it to Andy Warhol .




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