honing the ideas….

Following my tutor suggestion, I am honing my ideas about the PP. By now I am about to decide if I go for house hold items or appliances in simple, clear spaces and bright colours or I depict a more busy, detailed scene. I like both ideas. The work of William Scott has caught my eye for his use of space in pastel colours in simple combinations and the simplicity in items and scene description. At the same time I like the work of Michael Craig Martin for its bright colours but it might be too formal for me. John Bokor who I have researched for this project is also very inspiring as he really reminds me what  is home, mess and how busy this environment can be. His work is very family oriented and warm. I am also think about how to present it. So far, in an artist book format is something I am considering…. Not there yet …but working towards it…


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