Deciding on how to present the parallel project

In the video session with my tutor Diana Ali, we discussed what could be the next steps to start developing my ideas further for the Parallel Project  and start finding my voice in my art. I still don’t feel very confident. I am not sure I know what is my voice and if I am ready to define it through this project. I have so many ideas, I like so many ways of working, painting and drawings but right now I am experimenting, investigating and exploring so much I feel overwhelmed. I enjoyed my drawing with sewing materials, Diana thinks it is a bit tamed and she is right. I enjoyed the process but there is something not spontaneous about it and I want my art lose, spontaneous and with a dramatic but natural flow. I know when I draw something and it is ‘me’ in there. There are many things we discussed and she suggested a few things and gave me tips. I took notes but I am still a bit confused in how to present the project.  The key idea for this project is : the different rooms of a home and I want to represent it between the pleasure of seen that room functioning with all the chaos that can happen. Diana said it is important to keep in mind the criteria of: technique, creativity and inventiveness . Through what she has seen now it is true that I like flat, bold colours, expressive lines and details. I need to select now some of drawing and practise how I could present it in the project. I need to keep it simple, be careful with my colours scheme, chose a technique and try to add more sophistication to it. I am working on a bathroom and living roon image.  I have a couple images and Diana suggested if I could apply layers to it or repetition.  I will try! IMG_7546IMG_7527IMG_7530


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